Friday 13 October 2017

How to solve error 6A90 or "APP sensor error" on Canon printers Call Us +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Error 6A90 or "APP sensor error" on Canon printers

Error code 6A90 or "APP sensor error" occured during paper feeding or purging.

Solution 1:

•    check for foreign material.

- remove foreign material.

Solution 2:

•    check for foreign material or paper debris around the ASF unit.

Solution 3:

•    If other solution fail, replace one off the following part

- Purge drive system unit
- Logic board

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If the above solution has not resolved your error, Please Contact To  Authorised Service For Canon Printers | Call Now +1-855-517-2433

Call Us +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

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