Friday 25 November 2016

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Canon's Printers new cloud-based  Pixma Printing Solutions (PPS) application allows users to access the cloud straight from their companionable printer, mobile device or tablet, and offers a unique way to unlock important images and documents that otherwise have been attentive on mobile campaign and popular online services.

Canon business solutions including viable printing solutions, print solutions software really develop functionality and ensure smooth workflow in business.


If the print result is not satisfactory due to white streaks, skewed lines,  or uneven colors, confirm the paper and print quality settings first.

Check1   Do the page size and media type settings match the size and type of the loaded paper?
When these settings are incorrect, you cannot obtain a proper print result.

If you are printing a photograph or an design, incorrect paper type settings may reduce the quality of the printout color.

Also, if you print with an erroneous paper type setting, the printed surface may be scratched.
In borderless printing, unbalanced coloring may occur depending on the combination of the paper type setting and the loaded paper.

Confirm the page size and media type settings using the printer driver.
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Check2   Make sure that the apposite print quality is selected using the printer driver.
Select a print quality option suitable for the paper and image for printing. If you notice blurs or jagged colors, increase the print quality setting and try printing again.
You can confirm the print quality setting using the printer driver.

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