Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Canon MP170 Won't Print Though the Ink Is Full

If you recently inserted a new ink cartridge into your Canon MP170 printer but have found the device still isn't producing copies, you need to troubleshoot the situation. Typically, this is due to a minor programming or connection problem and is corrected with only a few short steps. Once it is corrected, you can return to printing the documents as if nothing had happened.


1 Check the power on the Canon MP170. If the printer is not currently turned on, your computer is unable to send the print request to the hardware.

2 Inspect the printer to make sure there is paper in the printer.

3 Look at the USB data cable connection. If the cable is not hooked up completely, the printer is still not going to receive the print request.

4 Remove the USB data cable from the current USB port on the computer and insert it into a different USB port. Sometimes, some USB hardware does not function with certain ports, and USB ports also are capable of dying out, preventing anything form connecting with them.

5 Open the document you are attempting to print, then select "Print" and look at the print options. Make sure the Canon MP170 is selected as the go-to printer. If it isn't, the print request is being created for a different printer.

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