Monday 9 September 2013

How to Print from Windows 7 to a Mac Shared Canon Printer

I recently upgraded my wife’s laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium. (The laptop manufacturer sent us a free upgrade coupon since we purchased it not too long before Windows 7 was released.) This morning she discovered that she can’t print to the Canon MP830 that is shared from the G5 Mac (running Mac OS X 10.5.8) in our living room. In Vista, I had it working via Bonjour. I’ve now learned a little too late that Bonjour doesn’t work in Windows 7. I googled for a solution, but all I was able to find was a bunch of other people complaining about the same thing: printing from Windows 7 to a printer shared from Mac OS X wasn’t working as it had been in Windows XP or Vista.

Not to worry, though. After about 30 minutes of trying various solutions and just poking around in Windows 7, I found that the solution is pretty simple. The following procedure assumes you already have Printer Sharing enabled on your Mac.


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