Friday 22 November 2013

Delete Queued Print Job in Windows XP / Windows 2000 in Canon

If a print job is corrupt and does not print clearly, does not print at all or is preventing other queued jobs from printing, delete the queued job.

To perform this task, follow this procedure:
1. On the Windows taskbar, double-click the printer icon located to the left of the time.

2. At the Printer window, select the print job, under 'Document Name' column, to highlight it.

3. From the 'Document' menu, select 'Cancel'.

4. Repeat steps two and three to cancel another print job.

If the printer icon is not located in the Windows taskbar, follow this procedure:
1. Open the Printers Folder

2. Double-click the printer icon to open the print queue window

3. Click 'Printer'.

4. Click "Cancel All Documents'

1. Turn off the printer.
2. When the printer operations stop completely, try to click 'Cancel All Documents'.

If the print job cannot be cancelled or will not stop printing, please follow these steps:
1. Close the Printer window.
2. Shut down the computer.
3. Disconnect the printer cable (USB or parallel cable).
4. Restart the computer.
5. If a message window appears asking to cancel printing, select 'Yes'.
6. After all print jobs have been cancelled, reconnect the cable to the printer and then try to print again.

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